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Public Speaking

Lectures, talks and presentations

Cynthia Rousso has lectured widely on a range of topics and welcomes the opportunity to create individualised presentations for mental health professionals, organisations, educators, students and parents. 


Cynthia's well-received Tedx talk,

Creating a Space Between Feeling and Action

For Parents
  • Emotional Intelligence:  What it is and Why It Matters

  • Coercion or Consent:  Talking to Young people About Physical Intimacy, Consent and Pornography

  • Helping Your Teenager When They Shut You Out

  • We Not  Me:  Cultivating Empathy

  • Honesty:  Understanding and Responding to Lying, Sneaking and Cheating 

  • Suicide:  What Parents Need to Know

  • Motivation:  Helping Your Child Self-Motivate Without Resorting to Micromanaging

  • Help Your Teen Take Charge of their Life 

  • Are My Child’s Feelings of Sadness and Anxiety Outside the Bounds of Normal

  • Raising a Confident Adult

  • The Opposite of Spoiled:  Navigating the Materialistic World with Your Teen

For Students
  • Handling Criticism and Negative Feedback 

  • Are the Stories You Tell Yourself Stepping Off the Path of Anxiety

  • Happiness is an Inside Job:  Take Charge of It

  • Improve Your Self-Esteem

  • How to Adopt a Growth Mindset 

  • Why Emotional Agility Can Be Your Superpower

  • When Guilt is Good and When it is Not

  • Managing Intrusive Thoughts and Stopping Negative Self-Talk

  • How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

  • You Can Change:  How To Be More Satisfied With Your Life

  • Coach Yourself Through Crisis

  • Dial A For Attention, Not D For Distraction

  • Moving Beyond Perfectionism:  Why being hard on yourself is counterproductive

  • Navigating Change On A Path To Growth

  • Four Pillars of Mental Health

  • WTF:  What’s the Feeling and Why Does It Matter

For Educators
  • Reflective Practice:  The Importance of Stopping to Think

  • I’m a Teacher Not a Psychiatrist:  Dealing with Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

  • Cultivating Thrivers Not Strivers

  • Building Resilience

  • Emotional Agility in the Classroom

  • Trusting Your Intuition:  What Your Feelings Can Tell You About Your Students

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE):  What They Are and Why They Matter In and Out of the Classroom 

For Organisations & MDTs 
  • Finding your Purpose

  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • Backing Yourself and Overcoming Your Inner Critic

  • Building Healthy Relationships

  • Navigating Turbulence at Work

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Letting Go of Perfectionism

  • Embracing Feedback

  • Wellbeing For Working Parents

  • No Holds Barred: Answers to Your Psychotherapy Questions

  • Reflective Practice: The Importance of Stopping to Think

  • Critical Components of Effective MDT Working

  • Parental Empowerment in the Face of Mental Health Difficulties

  • DBT and RO-DBT Skills

  • Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Whistle-Stop Tour

  • SPACE:  Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

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